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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Romeo and Juliet and.. Vampires?

The famous tragic star crossed lovers from William Shakespeare`s play have returned... in a book about Vampires!

Claudia Gabel re-wrote the tragedy and fit vampires into the mix, with the Capulets as the vampires and most famous rivals, the Montegues, as their hunters!

Now, I must ask this question... Did Claudia ruin the romantic tragedy by re-writing it? I quite enjoyed the story, but since I have not read the play as of yet, I think the story ruined it.

One thing that ruined it: a happy ending.

William Shakespeare wrote it as a tragedy, not a happily ever after. If Claudia just had to re-write Shakespeare`s play, and she actually did a good job, she could have left the one thing that made Romeo and Juliet famous. Their death.

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